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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Am not suspending

WeaveGround 4 in process

because of any tsunami. This sign appeared at the edge of our little town last fall. Its placement is not at the town line, its kind of inconspicuous placement is intriguing. After focussing on wave in my artwork it brings home, not, my interest with the sign. To the right, out of the pic, is the town's mainland Volunteer Fire Dept. The street sign even alerts the critters. I estimate its about 15' above sea level and about 1 mi away from normal tide. The little running guy is striving to head to higher ground but the design seems to have his right foot stuck in the sand. Neither will this occur. Partly because he has heart. I intend for tsunami to not manifest here. And please don't allow this to deter you from visiting our beautiful area. Will resume WeaveGround 4 in process as I approach its completion in a few days. 

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