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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chakra Rising Wave Series Giclee Cards

Chakra Rising Wave Series Giclee Cards

The 5" x 7" Chakra gift cards are archival giclee frameable art prints. Images of the original paintings done in beeswax & natural pigments on Khadi papers can be viewed on my website at

useful meditation tool

7 Card package $35.oo + s&h
Individual card $8.oo + s&h
tax included

please contact me at

Cards are also sold at the following retail 
ArtExposure, Hampstead, NC
Gypsy Sun, Surf City, NC
Porters Neck Yoga Spa, Wilmington, NC
Sambuca, Wilmington, NC
Visions and Dreams, Wilmington, NC

Original Chakra 1 Rising Wave
                                               Beeswax and natural pigment on Khadi Paper


  1. these are absolutely amazing !! so beautiful and vibrant.... i can clearly see the positivity they are signifying !!

    1. Thank you natural medicine center! and please understand I'm slow in getting back to you through a combination of oversight of your comment and moving to the Northeast for the summer months. My enJoyment from creating the works and your and others' responses from the cards and for the original beeswax paintings that hang now in Wilmington, NC has truly been life affirming in many ways. Many Blessings for us all/each!