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Monday, March 29, 2010

more on sustainable art ("the things we shouldn't ask artists to do")

Following are writings I've run across on the net (low carbon footprint) on the sustainable arts theme. Evolution takes time and we are in the midst of that transition. What and how will the time snapshots of this transition appear. How many years, 10, 25 , 63 will the revolution take? Historically these things do not occur over night. What will a sustainable art look like, speak to and manage itself? Obviously the empowered art clique; the big art schools (the Academe' will not let go of their cherished ecocentres, afterall that's how they got there.), the big supporters (in large part industries rife with environmental failures - ahhh but as adults we must all clean up our own messes, unless of course, we can afford to hire workers to do it for us, or just move to the next town over and allow the slums to incubate.) and the buyers - who will be the leaders in buyng out the promotions of the galleries and other venues? There'll even be a synchronicity of order , looking back, that the critics and historians can debate. But for now we persist in denial, pride, gluttony and other human endeavors that perhaps may be some of the subliminal lead in subjects of artists works to the greater movement. This will be an ongoing topic of writings....
new low carbon arts
Robert Butler why is art more important than the planet?
they'll do the asking themselves
Robert Butler
Eco-bling: why the arts sector needs to lead on climate action
Contributed by: Lucy Gibson
Paul Matosic is an international artist
Fiona Cassidy

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