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Sunday, March 14, 2010


after realizing the word kratophany this morning and reading on its usage and appearance in several sources am incorporating into my thinking that sustainable art is kratophonous! what a great sounding word, kratophany.

from "Auspiciousness: Coping with Kratophany" "Kratophany—the simultaneous devotion to, and fear of, the sacred (Pimentel and Reynolds 2004)—"

"affect is one of the recognition of power, sacred power (kratophany)" from

"The term kratophany literally rendered is "the appearance of power." Mircea Eliade, however, who made this a technical term in English, used it to indicate an appearance of the sacred in which the experience of power dominates. Thus, that every kratophany must be, at the same time, a hierophany ("appearance of the sacred") is certain by definition, while the converse is less clear; indeed, assent to it will hinge upon the degree to which one regards the concept or experience of power to be an irreducible part of the concept or experience of the sacred." from

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