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Sunday, August 13, 2017

stones with Freehold
charcoal, stones, vegetation, Water & Earth cosmologies
Basic Creek
Freehold NY

the Basic Creek feeds the Catskill Creek at their congruence, Freehold NY 
Thank You with all hosting & hospitality with Freehold and Greene County...
and with those with Camp Constellation honoring our Waters
~ Be Well ~

Sun 21˚ Leo sextile Jupiter 18˚ Libra, trine rSaturn 21˚ Sagittarius & qunx rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… Moon 3˚ Taurus (12:00 PM EDT) cj rUranus 28˚… rMercury 11˚ Virgo sextile Venus 15˚ Cancer & opp 13˚ Pisces rNeptune… Venus 15˚ Cancer sq Jupiter 18˚ Libra, opp and trine rNeptune and opp rPluto… Mars 15˚ Leo  qunx rNeptune & rPluto… Jupiter 18˚ Libra sextile rSaturn & sq rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… rSaturn 21˚ Sagittarius sextile rSNode and trine rNNode 24˚ Leo… rUranus trine rNNode and sextile rSNode… rNeptune sextile rPluto…

~  our passages are replenished with the clear Waters ~

Love, Peace and Co-Creativity
Water is Life

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