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Friday, August 25, 2017

circle fire
charcoal with stones, vegetation & Earth cosmologies
Upper Shut-In Trail, Garenflo Gap
Hot Springs NC

a couple days after arriving and being with the land we hiked this trail high above town in the rain forest like mountains... I scrubbed my feet in a sweet, cool and sandy pool in a creek and then stood upon a mossy stone fashioned particularly for this sort of thing... I felt grounded, and welcome...

Sun 2˚ Virgo cj rMercury 4˚ Virgo, trine rUranus 28˚ Aries & qunx rChiron 27˚ Pisces… Moon 21˚ Libra (12:00 PM EDT) cj Jupiter 20˚ Libra, sextile Mars  23˚ Leo & Saturn  21˚  Sagittarius and opp rUranus 28˚ Aries… rMercury 4˚ Virgo… Venus 29˚ Cancer sq rUranus 28˚ Aries & trine rChiron 27 Pisces… Mars 23˚ Leo sextile Jupiter 20˚ Libra, trine Saturn 21˚ Sagittarius & qunx rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… Jupiter 20˚ Libra sextile Saturn & sq rPluto… Saturn turns Direct with 21˚ Sagittarius cj Black Moon Lilith, sextile rSNode Aquarius and trine rNNode 24˚ Leo… rUranus Aries 28˚ trine rNNode 24˚ Leo and sextile rSNode 24˚ Aquarius… rNeptune sextile rPluto… rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… rChiron 27˚ Pisces…

~  we are with time to reflect and to mend our circle of communications with Love for ourselves 
and for each other ~

Love, Peace & CoCreativity
Water is Life

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