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Friday, August 4, 2017

cascading falls stone
charcoal with stone, vegetation, Water & Earth cosmos
Kaaterskill Creek
Palenville/Catskill NY

approaching the congruence with the Kaaterskill and Catskill Creeks

Sun 12˚ qunx Moon 7˚ Capricorn, cj Mars with 9˚ Leo, sextile Jupiter 17˚ Libra & quncx rPluto 17˚ Capricorn & rNeptune 13˚ Pisces… Moon 7˚ Capricorn (12:00 PM EDT) qunx Mars 9˚ Leo, trine Mercury 8˚ Virgo & opp  Venus 4˚ Cancer… Mercury opp 13˚ Pisces rNeptune… Venus 3˚ Cancer sextile rUranus 28˚ Aries and sq rChiron 28˚ Pisces… Mars 9˚ Leo qunx rNeptune… Jupiter 17˚ Libra sq rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… rSaturn 21˚ Sagittarius sextile rSNode and trine rNNode 24˚ Leo… rUranus trine rNNode and sextile rSNode… rNeptune sextile rPluto…

~ dance with your partners round and round, we all fall down and re-emerge ~

Love, Peace and CoCreativity
Water is Life

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