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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Infinity Series from 2009

Six or seven years ago I realised I had been painting the landscape as waves for years. I thought I had been painting expressionistic landscapes! Then came consciously painting the wave. I have a fascination with derivations of words and symbols. Recently I discovered while researching that "wave" is from the Proto Indo-European root word "webh". I also learned the dirivation of "weave" and "web" is from  "webh".  Taking a bit of a sidestep from my Wave, Weave, and Webh Series I did a series of paintings using the symbol ∞ with layering of line and color. I say a bit because really it describes the polarity of the world we live in similarly to wave, weave and web. These paintings deal with the energy pattern that appears symbolically as Kundalini, Cadeuceus, DNA, and infinity, etc. in many cultures. Generally it represents that all things are interconnected as a whole. 

Written in the Isha Upanishad of 4th to 3rd BC India; 
“That is whole, this is whole, 
From the whole, the whole arises, 
When the whole is taken from the whole 
The whole still will remain.”  

This one is "Infinity 2", Beeswax and natural pigment on Khadi paper, "13" x "19", 2009. 


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