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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Paint Rock stones tribute
local Yellow * Red Ochre pigment with stones, vegetation, 
Water & Earth cosmologies
French Broad River/aka Douglas Lake
Dandridge TN 
South of Zimmerman's Island
note the Angel/Thunderbird/Golden Eagle/Rising Phoenix figure above center background... formed by a changing tree... and then read below after seeing this in the photo on what 
the Spanish called this land... a synchronistic symbolic imagery...

"While some anthropologists believe Chiaha was near present-day Chattanooga, Professor Charles Hudson (University of Georgia) and others have done extensive research and make a compelling argument for the location of Chiaha's main town on Zimmerman's Island.  Although Zimmerman's Island is now under Douglas Lake, photos of it give clear indications that it matched the descriptions of Chiaha written by Spaniards more than 400 years ago.  One, known as "the Gentleman of Elvas," wrote this when he accompanied de Soto to Chiaha in 1540:
"The town [Olimico] was isolated between the two arms of a river, and seated near one of them. Above it, at a distance of two crossbow shots, the water divided, and united a league below. The vale between , from side to side, was the width of a crossbow shot and in others two. The branches were very wide, and bothe were fordable: long their shores were very rich meadow lands having many maize fields.
The people of Chiaha were a band of Muskogean speakers, known as Coasati.  Like the main town, the leader of the Chiaha was called "Olamico."  A 30-foot-high mound, one of the largest ever found in East Tennessee, was located about 600 yards from the upper end of Zimmerman's Island.  Most likely, Olamico was built around the mound.  The Spaniards had high praise for the land near Chiaha:  it was rich and broad, surrounded by beautiful rivers, where grapevines and persimmon trees grew in abundance.  There were many small towns, just a few miles apart.  They called the area tierra de angeles -- "a land of angels." 

Sun 12˚ Scorpio opp Moon/Taurus, trine rNeptune 11˚ Pisces & sx Pluto 17˚ Capricorn... Moon 18˚ Taurus (12:00 PM EDT), Moon was Full 1:23 AM EDT 11˚, opp Sun, opp Mercury 28˚ Scorpio  & trine Pluto/Cap... Mercury 28˚ Scorpio opp Moon, qunx rUranus 25˚ Aries & trine rChiron 24˚ Pisces...Venus 26˚ Libra sx Saturn 24˚ Sag and Black Moon Lilith 29˚ Sag, opp rUranus 25˚ Aries & qunx rChiron 24˚ Pisces... Mars 8˚ Libra... Jupiter 5˚ Scorpio trine rNeptune 11˚ Pisces... Saturn 24˚ Sagittarius sx Venus, cj Black Moon Lilith 29˚ Sagittarius and Galactic Center 26˚ Sagittarius, trine rUranus & sq rChiron 24˚ Pisces… rUranus Aries 25˚ qunx Mercury, opp Venus, trine Saturn 24˚, Black Moon Lilith 29˚ and Galactic Center 26˚ Sagittarius... rNeptune 11˚ Pisces trine Sun/Scorpio... Pluto 17˚ Capricorn sx Sun & trine Moon… rChiron 24˚ Pisces tr Mercury & qunx Venus...

we can soar like the Angels, Thunderbirds and/or Golden Eagles or rise like the Phoenix ~

...Love, Peace & Cocreativity with Universe...
Water is Life

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