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Friday, November 17, 2017

Delaware River
Stockton NJ
circle Fire charcoal, stone, vegetation & Water & Earth

"America’s history is reflected along the entire 60-mile length of the Delaware Canal. Original locks and aqueducts remain. Visualize the time when mule-drawn boats traveled the Canal and locktenders stood ready to help them continue their journey. Canal boats carried coal and other cargo from the northern reaches of Pennsylvania to more populated areas in the south.Centuries-old homes, picturesque villages, historic inns, and general stores evoke the days when the Canal fueled this country’s Industrial Revolution. Its boatmen and muletenders sought rest, refreshment and fellowship along the route.The towpath along the Delaware Canal provides a level trail for walking, jogging, biking and horseback riding. Boat accesses allow for relaxingcanoeing and kayaking. Picnic sites are available in Delaware Canal State Park. In winter, ice skating and cross country skiing are popular along the Canal."...

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qunx rNeptune 11˚ Pisces... Mercury 16˚ Sagittarius sx Mars/Libra & sq rNeptune/Pisces... Venus 12˚ Scorpio cj Jupiter & trine rNeptune/Pisces... Mars 16˚ Libra exact sx Mercury/Sagittarius, qunx rNeptune/11˚ Pisces & sq Pluto 17˚ Capricorn... Jupiter 8˚ Scorpio cj Moon and Venus & trine rNeptune 11˚ Pisces... Saturn 26˚ Sagittarius cj Black Moon Lilith 0˚ Sagittarius and exact cj Galactic Center 26˚ Sagittarius, exact trine rUranus & sq rChiron 25˚ Pisces… rUranus Aries 25˚ qunx Sun, exact trine Saturn 26˚, trine Galactic Center 26˚ Sagittarius and Black Moon Lilith 0˚/Capricorn... rNeptune 11˚ Pisces trine Moon, Jupiter and Venus/Scorpio & qunx Mars/Libra... Pluto 17˚ Capricorn sq Mars/Libra… rChiron 24˚ Pisces sq Saturn and Galactic Center...

~ releasing channeled emotions ~

...Love, Peace & Cocreativity with Universe...
Water is Life

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