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Friday, November 10, 2017

along the way with our cellar...
charcoal from local circle Fires with stones, vegetation and all...
Paint Rock NC

"Alchemy was the secret tradition which taught that the priceless treasure spoken of in so many myths and legends of the ancient world lies within our own human nature – unrecognised, despised, neglected. It transposed the images of mythology and in particular the myth of the sacred marriage and the divine birth to the human soul. The alchemist descended into the depths of his soul to experience a death and rebirth, to be transmuted from lead into gold, to redeem the treasure buried in the primal matter of his instinctual life and to be reunited with the divine ground of the Soul personified by the feminine image of Divine Wisdom."... - Anne Barring

Sun 18˚ Scorpio sq Moon & sx Pluto 17˚ Capricorn... Moon 16˚ Leo (12:00 PM EDT) sq Sun & qunx rNeptune/Pisces and Pluto/Capricorn... Mercury 6˚ Sagittarius sq rNeptune/Pisces... Venus 3˚ Scorpio cj Jupiter... Mars 11˚ Libra sx Moon & qunx rNeptune/11˚ Pisces... Jupiter 6˚ Scorpio cj Venus & trine rNeptune 11˚ Pisces... Saturn 25˚ Sagittarius cj Black Moon Lilith 0˚ Sagittarius and Galactic Center 26˚ Sagittarius, trine rUranus & sq rChiron 24˚ Pisces… rUranus Aries 25˚ trine Saturn 24˚, Galactic Center 26˚ Sagittarius & Black Moon Lilith 0˚/Capricorn... rNeptune 11˚ Pisces trine Jupiter/Scorpio & qunx Mars... Pluto 17˚ Capricorn sx Sun & qunx Moon… rChiron 24˚ Pisces sq Saturn and Galactic Center...

~ markings upon the walls and the dreams quide us with the universal truths 
within our collective soul ~

...Love, Peace & Cocreativity with Universe...
Water is Life

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