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Friday, July 21, 2017

stone with stones with golden glow
charcoal with stone, vegetation, Water and Earth cosmologies
Beaver pond, Catskill Wetlands
Palenville NY

this drawing on stone is at the wetlands where high levels of toxic waste is being examined at laboratory for statistics gathering for the courts... below is a post of Stella Martin, on her fb page...
**Live Video with Stella Martin, asking Help for the massive Legal Injustice of a SLAPP/defamation lawsuit imposed in the lives of innocent families, as an illegal toxic Landfill was created next to family Homes, and into the waters of our Nationally/Federally, NYS Protected Wetlands.**
**Can anyone Please Help us find a good attorney that helps represent People for our Rights to Freedom of Speech, against terrible bullying of frivolous Lawsuits imposed on innocent Mothers trying to simply Protect their Homes, and Children from the criminal activity of creating an illegal landfill next to their homes, and into our protected waters?**
This video is seeking Help for the terrible abuse, Dragging innocent families through a terrible lawsuit as harassment and intimidation, trying to keep the innocent eye witness Mothers quiet, as they witnessed the criminal activity of illegal dumping with our local municipality- Town of Catskill, Greene County, and NY State (corruption is described more in depth below)
**This is extremely disgusting abuse of our judicial system**
Because of the intense bullying of this Lawsuit, I do Now have Attorney fees, that I simply can't afford as I've needed to leave our Home with my children to escape the illegal landfills Toxic Exposures. So we are having to start a fundraiser, humbly asking to help pay legal fees now incurred. **We are also seeking a New Attorney to take this case on**. I have described in the video, Why we need to seek new council.** Funding options are included below, except for the GoFundMe we will need to create for the Legal Fees.
**It's extremely obvious that these Mothers will Not get a Fair Trial** All of the Local, and State Government protecting their criminal activity of the illegally transporting by many, along with the State, County, and Town abusing FEMA funds.** So we really need some Help against these larger powers, working Against Justice for the People.

**We have tried legal organizations like ACLU, EarthJustice, etc, without Help, but I believe it may be a good time to Try again. So if anyone can also help us make some calls to any of the organizations that offer Help to people like us, Please Help us call them. Our emails, and contact information is linked to our pages, and Groups.
Thank you everyone for your support. Ive noticed from everyone's responses and further curiosity, I believe it's a good idea to do another live feed later today, answering some questions I see through here, and to share some additional information Ive noticed that should be shared along with this video.
Thank you All for your support through this very tough battle..
**Forms of Fundraising for Legal Fees: We will be creating a GoFundMe account strictly for Legal Fees, and we do have a PayPal address we have been using for donations to help with Testing, that can also be used for donating to Legal Fees. Donations can be paid through PayPal, with the email address:
Or some people prefer checks, and they can be sent to this Address to Stella Martin:
PO Box 314
Freehold, NY 12431
If mailed, and you have a preference for where you would like to see your donations go to, please add a note on your check for Legal Fees or Testing. 

This defamation suit is among many other issues, showing the continuing Extreme lengths our local Government continues to go, protecting the criminal activity of illegally transporting toxic debris from NYC to the beautiful Upstate NY areas. Aside from it simply being illegal to even transport this debris like they did, the local Town, County, and State abused the Federal Funding of FEMA funds given for the proper disposal of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy debris, and dumped the toxic debris into our Protected Wetlands. 
The continuing abuse from all these bullies is to Protect the Town of Catskill, all the way up to NY State abusing the FEMA funding, along with breaking the many laws against the criminal activity of transporting toxic debris into the local Town, and County, dumping the toxic debris on a property that is NOT a Certified Landfill. Nor is it Legal to dump tons of illegally transported debris Directly Into the waters of our Protected Wetlands.
The tractor trailers that dumped into our Wetlands was even admitted being illegally transported debris from the NYC/Long Island area full of Sandy destruction, when FEMA paid GOOD money to dispose of the hurricane debris properly?

**Please Help us Share this information, perhaps it can help someone else, that may be enduring the abuse also.**

views of the Catskill wetland pond with severe algae bloom appearing 
since dump site was filled along its' shore...

Sun 29˚ Cancer cj Mars with 0˚ Leo, incj rSNode 24˚ Aquarius, sq Uranus 28˚ Aries and trine rChiron 28˚ Pisces… Moon 4˚ Cancer (12:00 PM EDT) … Mercury 24˚ Leo trine 22˚ Saturn with Sag, cj rNNode and opp rSNode… Venus 18˚ Gemini trine Jupiter Libra 15˚ and sq rNeptune 13˚ Pisces… Mars 0˚ Leo sq Uranus 28˚ Aries and trine rChiron … Jupiter 15˚ Libra incj rNeptune and sq rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… rSaturn with 22˚ Sag trine Uranus with 28˚ Aries… Uranus with 28˚ Aries trine NNode 24˚ Leo and sextile SNode 24˚ Aquarius… rNeptune sextile rPluto…
~  self responsible as nurturing beings ~

Love, Peace & CoCreativity
Honor Our Waters

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