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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

~ quest ~
with wall and passages where truth lives, to the West

I'm staying in Quest here in Tillson while I do painting the house, bright yellow and brown trim... 
I'll be working with drawing here in the area and offering council through Aug 12... on the 13th I'll be with my grandson Healen's #8 birthday, he loves outer ∞ space!...  and off to Hot Springs NC to be with my younger daughter, her man, and their new twins that we are anticipating their arrival really soon in Denver... Brian, Caitlyn, Olivia and Remy will move from Steamboat Springs after the birthing 
to start their new work and play...
~ Springs are in their lives!...  ~

Sun 19˚ Cancer qunc Moon 17˚ Aquarius (12:00 PM EDT), cj Mars with 24˚ Cancer, sq Jupiter 14˚ Libra and trine rNeptune 14˚ Pisces… Moon 17˚ Aquarius sq Jupiter 14˚ Cancer… Mercury 9˚ Leo sextile Venus 7˚ Gemini… Venus 7˚ Gemini… Mars 24˚ Cancer incj rSaturn/Sag and opp rPluto… Jupiter 14˚ Libra incj rNeptune and sq rPluto… rSaturn with 22˚ Sag trine Uranus with 28˚ Aries… Uranus with 28˚ Aries trine NNode 24˚ Leo and sextile SNode 24˚ Aquarius… rNeptune 14˚ Pisces… rPluto 18˚ Cap

~ with Water & Air we move with the passages...
drink Water & breathe the fresh Air ~

Love, Peace & CoCreativity
The Horn has been filled with Water and Love
and now the seeds of this Water and Love are being given to the world
~ Water is Life ~

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