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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

local whole foods stone
charcoal with stone, vegetation, Water & Earth cosmos
Hudson River (river with two directional flow)
near CIA, Hyde Park NY

Sun 12˚ Cancer sq Jupiter 14˚ Libra and ∆ rNeptune 14˚ Pisces… Moon 23˚ Scorpio (12:00 PM EDT) trine Mercury 27˚ Cancer, opp Venus 29˚ Taurus, sextile (morning hours) rPluto 18˚ Capricorn, squaring its’ rNorth Node with 25˚ Leo and its’ rSouth Node with 25˚ Aquarius, quincunx Uranus 28˚ Aries and trine Chiron 28˚ Pisces… Mercury 27˚ Cancer sextile Venus 29˚ Taurus, incj rSaturn 23˚ Sag, sq 28˚ Uranus with Aries and trine Chiron 28˚ Pisces… Venus 29˚ Taurus sq rMoon Nodes and sextile Chiron… Mars 19˚ Cancer sq Jupiter with 14˚ Libra, incj rSaturn/Sag, opp rPluto and trine rNeptune with 14˚ Pisces… Jupiter 14˚ Libra incj rNeptune and sq rPluto… rSaturn with 23˚ Sag trine Uranus with 28˚ Aries… Uranus with 28˚ Aries… rNeptune 14˚ Pisces… rPluto 18˚ Cap…
~ the skies are as busy as we are (it's a fractal whole)... eating a balanced diet of local whole foods help keep us well with grounded depth... ~
Love, Peace & CoCreativity
The Horn has been filled with Water and Love 
and now the seeds of this Water and Love are being given to the world  
~ water is life ~

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