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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I had my artwork and blog reviewed with Janet Botes and the website… selected was this work from 2013 where I was working with grid formats and natural processes… Hope You enjoy!, and Thanks Janet!.. (cut and paste please to visit

Artwork of the week: Dandelion drying by Greg Patch

3 stages of drying Dandelion leaf and root photo-sketched. At three separate drying stages Patch moved the plant material to air the process, preventing mold and to prevent the plant material from sticking to the wood surface. Each reset becomes an art work and photographed as lightness and movement in relation to each other…

About Greg Patch

Artist and traditional herbalist whose paintings portray the earth, the unconscious and the one-ness of all life. Is committed to restoring the planet and it’s supported life to its natural balance that is reflected in his work with individuals as a natural healer, in the environmental themes of his artwork, and in the non toxic medium which is integral to the meaning of the finished work.
making marks
with the nature of our environment,
where we/I are presently,
while working,
with Nature,
like breath,
allowing our nature
to expose itself,
our understanding,
our/your/my balance
with nature..

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