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Sunday, May 28, 2017

connecting stone
charcoal with stone, vegetation, Water & Earth...
Hudson River

Sun 7˚ Gemini, Moon Cancer sq rJupiter 13˚ Libra, sextile Venus 21˚ Aries, opp rPluto 19˚ Capricorn, and trine 14˚ Neptune Pisces… Mercury 14˚ Taurus inconjunct rJupiter and trine rPluto… Mars 25˚ Gemini opp 25˚ rSaturn Sagittarius and sextile Uranus 26˚ Aries… Venus sq rPluto and trine rSaturn… rJupiter inconjunct Neptune… rSaturn trine Uranus…
many aspects with the planets today making for busyness, connecting unconscious with conscious with balance and grace, and jazz...

Love, Peace & CoCreativity
The Horn has been filled with Water and Love 
and now the seeds of this Water and Love are being given to the world  
~ water is life ~

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