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Monday, April 17, 2017

shifting frequencies
ash/charcoal, star jelly, White Pine needles & Earth
3' x 4' photo area
4/13 - 4/15

Saturn retrograde 27˚ Sagittarius and conjunct with the Galactic Center trines Uranus 24 Aries, Sun 27 Aries and Mercury 2 Taurus… hearing and seeing changes turning everything to a newer… a centering with the truths…
and Saturn is squaring Chiron and Venus, 26˚ & 27˚ Pisces… the Moon with Capricorn… a practical approach with healing and with our perspective toward those things we value with our lives…

The Horn has been filled with Water and Love 
and now the seeds of this Water and Love are being given to the world 
~ water is life ~

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