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Friday, April 14, 2017

~consciousness with and as Fire & Water~
one of many source springs with the Stony Kill at the base 
of one of twin stone "outcroppings"...
charcoal, moss/vegetation, stone, Water & Earth/cosmos
above the spring with lower left of photo two drawings; upper center of photo between two White Pine and center just above spring ...
Stony Kill
Canaan NY

I am intentfull to do these drawings on public access land or to get permission from landowners to work these drawings. they are often near and photographically in view of historical, institutional,in the news of the day sites and with sacred space as fractal universe… with healing of our woundings of past and future crimes against humanity and nature... I use charcoal from fires local to each site... charcoal is elemental with all life and is a filtering and cleansing substance... as that I see my use with it as healing with homeopathic perspective applications and as symbolic energetically... rain, rivers, water, etc. never wash anything away... it transfers it to another location and eventually is absorbed with Earth universe... I collaborate with Earth and its' energetic variations described with Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Ether of our cosmos...

stationary direct Venus cj Chiron 26˚ Pisces sq retrograde Saturn 27˚ Sagittarius with Galactic Center… Venus goes Direct tomorrow the 15th… Uranus 24˚ cj Sun 25˚ Aries trining Saturn… Moon 6˚ Sagittarius… speaks of the cleansing energetics of Water and Fire… springs and source speak with the depth of collective unconscious/conscious and the depth of individual unconscious/conscious with truth of our journey with healing values... rising with the burning Fire of Earth’s core and meet with the radiating power of the Sun/self Heart...

The Horn has been filled with Water and Love 
and now the seeds of this Water and Love are being given to the world 
~ water is life ~

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