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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

woods stone trilogy
charcoal, moss, stone woods & Earth
2' x 3'

the trinity is observed daily with the arc of the Sun beginning with sunrise, at the midday and with the sunset as symbolic of the light. this is interpreted as life with all matter and with all non matter and as an energy transforming through birth, growth, and death. as Sun light enters the darkness of the night, still living, it rises again from darkness and again transforms through the three stages of life as a trinity… to be with the night/darkness as significant with its unconscious/dream reality I'm placing a night, with photo editing, with this series...

today, 3/1/17, Sun in Pisces conjuncts Neptune at 11˚ where fantasy may be truth and imagination lays the foundation for future realities... by using a 2˚ orb this conjunction was/is/will be effectual @Feb 23 - March 7 depending on where and how it sits natally and communally with each of us ...

~practice kindness, it is the revolution~
begin within as it will shine outward to your/our Brothers and Sisters...

The Horn has been filled with water and love 
and now the seeds of this water and love are being given to the world 
~ water is life ~
~ Love, Peace and CoCreativity ~

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