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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ω I Stand With Standing Rock Ω


in the Western world the symbol for omega is commonly defined as an ending, or the last letter of the Greek alphabet... it may be possible the Greeks' understanding was that Ω was not simply an ending but a point of transformation from leading up to the transformation and through to the next time/space events, or life changes. through the serif marking both the beginning and ending of the arc we can interpret the glyph, a static etched in stone... it is a continuum of present, or presence… with the flow of life, like with a quantum perspective, we are transforming to new realities, the Aquarian era, from the old, the Piscean era…
glyphs that incorporate the same form or variations;
in Astrological studies the North & South nodes of the Moon and each of the other planets orbiting the Sun and measured by the Earth’s elliptical with the Sun…

the sign glyph for Libra


Sunrise and Sunset

Wave forms

and alpha with its’ upper serif as a set and squared end…

 ~ and this mark/symbol drawn as a less static marking aligns with the leys of the East coast, Gulf coast, and the Central and South American continuing serif or tail/trail/path... the ley lines of the Earth and ley lines of the Cosmos wave(r) with the flow 
of the Universal Law and with Heart beat ~

~ vibrational intentions for global Love, Peace and CoCreativity ~
through marking with charcoal pieces sites along this line using the ley passages of the Earth… Carbon and an essential element with life forms as a tree of life, and an absorber and cleanser  of toxins embedded in Earth, Air and Water and resulting when Fire is applied to Wood and the other elements for the charcoal ~
~ enThanks ~


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