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Monday, September 26, 2016

Ω I Stand With Standing Rock Ω

 the idea catalyst with this journey Ω installation with intention relates to my previous journey centering/center ring installation conceptually and energetically... Mar 23, 2014… 

~all lines connect~

"centering/center ring"

- a large scaled installation implementing repurposed wood square posts already set in the landscape and installed at 75 locations along the East coast of the USA. Inclusive and non exclusive the posts' center ring, its immediate environ and extending outwardly energetically, collectively and connectively is the piece in all. Visualized as a center ground and as a catalyst with their/your/my center ring, or true inner self, in being with that space in extending Love, Peace and Co-creativity for all.

I initiated "centering/center ring" in Wilmington, NC. The installations are at sites along the Connecticut River Valley, to the west within the pastoral Berkshire Hills of MA, along the Hudson Valley of NY and down the East coast in returning to the Wilmington biourban area.

Sensing with a kinesiological, or energetic, approach my directed marks of Love, Peace and co-creativity toward a healing balance with the 7 color spectrum using natural Earth ochre pigments are set upon the post's natural circular geometric end grains and are framed by their square cut geometric perimeters and the immediate surrounding area through a photo journaling approach. To personify, consider the center ring of trees a symbolic analogy for the spinal column of human kind and the energetic structure with all wildlife…

The flaked paint I marked with are Earth sourced ochres blended with an organic wheat paste and allowed to dry on a metal plate in the sun. This natural drying process creates thin, flaked forms of the colors seemingly chaotic yet coherent. Often pareidolia are present as the medium completes drying and lifts naturally off the metal surface. Smaller particles of the medium are incorporated as colorful textural and lineal components.

Installation sketches, imaged with digital cell phone, were edited with iPhoto software to create the final imagery. The photos are journalistic acknowledgements recording the energies of and within historically and socio-politically significant spaces. The wooden post's essential character drawn by weather and the landscape designers conditionings over time and my own present expression carved by my own enfolding, and the symbolic and vibrational significance of the paint flake medium's colors in relation with the "centering/center ring" installations.‘…

Through Love, Peace and CoCreativity we manifest understanding with all there is…

center ring  62   
"flaked paint" on wood post
Williamsport MD,  American Legion 

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