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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ω I Stand With Standing Rock Ω

~ have cleared a lot of brush and vines from between wall and fire pit area ~

photo from SouthEasterly

wall is supported by 8 ∞ live saplings cut at a 10' height..I started cutting 4/20/16 after many months of being with the site/space and the basic concept… there are another 8 ∞ live woody Liana (vine) sp. that I've cut back from about 14' above ground...  they grew to the tops of an elder Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis on the left and an elder Silver Maple Acer saccharinum on the right, each 2' in diameter… I've bound, and drawn, with the trimmed Liana giving support to the wall and providing line, shape line and form to the wall with their freshly pruned new growth. the wall will provide a new dynamic to the S<>N West side property fence already in place helping to provide structural support with it's metal grid construct. the wall will provide habitat for birds, insects and other critters as well provide a wind and an energy break with the homeowners' fire pit area about 30' East of the wall. more of the remaining undergrowth will be cut away with some being used in creating the wall. I'll be adding more with it as it develops and the homeowner, their family and friends will participate creatively with wall...

post of 5/23/16;


photo from Easterly

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