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Monday, August 1, 2016

River stone sketches
charcoal with stone(s) with Water (two view)
West cove with the Connecticut River
Barton Cove, Gill MA

there are a couple oxbow along the Connecticut River in Massachusetts, Northampton, and Greenfield to the North... I laid charcoal on stone surfaces in Montague where the river straightens Back to a Southerly direction… next, due North a 3 mile crow flight would land in Bartons Cove in Gill MA, the site of the second temporary installation… this oxbow girds the village of Turners Falls MA and and extends to border within Greenfield MA… oxbow draws symbolic reference with omega Ω that I’ve been working recently…
similar in gesture and representation are the Ouroboros and the Dragon's Head symbolisms of transformation from one development enfolding with the new... it can be a headrest/headset/head trip, enJoy...

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