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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

falls, Buttermilk Falls, Ellenville NY...

falls installation
Buttermilk Falls, or Nevele Falls in Ellenville NY
Beeswax, charcoal, natural pigments, on cardboard box postal labels tied with hemp twine 
6' x 20' construction

a temporary installation on both sides of noon at Buttermilk Falls... Buttermilk Falls or Nevele Falls, Ellenville, NY (approximate 50' drop at the main falls in background)... this art piece is about 8' x 20' as an entire spread laid flat and is an assemblage of 123 paintings ("labels") done over the past year with beeswax and natural pigments on recycled labeled cardboard box flaps of various dimensions... they are tied together with hemp twine allowing an overall flexibility for/with installations at different waterfall sites... the Eastern slopes of the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains West of the Hudson River in New York State. I've decided to also be looking at Falls in MA, in the Pioneer Valley and Berkshires over the summer with my travels... I'm researching about 70 waterfalls... I’ll photo and video document this process/ional... with using biodegradable materials the installation work will culminate at the bottom of the last installation and/or be recycled and/or shown and offered as individual labels w/hemp as separate art works, photos/videos with possible book format when funding becomes available… this will relate much with my painting construction's process with Waterfall installation wear and tear. with its' eventual return to Earth with the Fall... ~this is a collaborative with Nature~ Water falls are an oxygenating and cleansing geographical phenomena with Light/Air(Ether), Fire, Color, Earth, Water and Sound healing properties acknowledged with its' placement in varying spaces defined by the waterfalls... this is the link to the first installation at High Falls in High Falls, NY.

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