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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beeswax sketches
(hot/melted) Beeswax and paper/pigment/dirt, Mulberry paper with minerals, bacteria & dried vegetation (remnants of "Autumnal webh") and Water on paper
8" x 10"

I worked/played this sketch on both sides of Mars going Direct at around 7 pm edt, depending on which side of the mountain you live...
Mars is a symbol of an energetic that has been around longer than human species... mankind uses names/symbols of this energy with Thor, God, Ares, etc. and word symbols like war, aggression, penetrate, action, etc. to represent as personifications of this energy... as we slide into a more quantum reality the meanings and usefulness or context of these word symbols are shifting more into recognition and expression with marks, colors, textures, placements, conceptuals...

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