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Monday, June 28, 2010

proposing Global Wholidays w/Self Gifting Day

                     Global Wholiday                                           Greg Patch

Am proposing that we as one people/tribe begin celebrating Global Wholidays. To start we each celebrate Self Gifting Day. A day in which we each give ourselves a gift in recognition of self love. Peace begins at home. Love for others begins in our own hearts. Self esteem roots in our own hearts. Waking in the morning and recognizing our place on Earth begins by opening our own eyes.
This idea came to me (am sure it has come to others!) after my culminating Full Moon Yoga on Sat. We/the class met at Gypsy Sun in Surf City before we went out to practice. I was drawn to a shelf in the shop where I realized this carved stone heart. After Desiree's Anusara (Heart) workshop I knew this piece was special for me and I purchased it. Not at all expensive, about $17.oo US! It is my new visual mantra or affirmation. This day could come on the day 180' on the calendar from our own birthday, it could be a day we each recognize as special in our personal growth, or for any of assorted reasonings. Happy Self Gifting Day!

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