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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Artist Was Here...

                Artist Was Here...                                          Greg Patch 2010

Repurposed organic cotton cheese cloth burnishing rag
Beeswax & natural pigment
Sea Oats Uniolaponiculata (a unifying brew?)

Sea oats and other dune stabilization plants are needed to build and stabilize coastal dunes in North Carolina. The growing demand for dune renourishment and revegetation projects provides an opportunity for the development of a coastal plant industry in North Carolina. Production of sea oats and other dune species grown in North Carolina increased in 2002. An estimated 2 million dune plants were grown in NC in 2002 and planted along the NC coast to protect the dune system. The impacts of in-state production of dune plants reach far beyond the initial value of the plants. Tourism is the second largest industry in NC, and the beach is the number one tourist destination. Considering the value of tax revenues generated by the tourism industry and property tax income for coastal real estate, the benefits of beach protection initiatives are quite significant to the economy of coastal counties. Through the educational, research, and marketing efforts of this project, major strides have been made to promote the production of coastal plants in North Carolina. -

Artists are here for the inspiration...

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