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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ocean Driftwood Wave

Am feeling enlightened with this phase of Ocean Driftwood Wave (closer to the title!). I like it as it stands, with a few tweeks with the shape outlines and bringing it away from the edge perhaps. It struck me when I laid in the first layer of color how these shapes bring to my mind shapes/forms seen in traditional culture's art and Matisse with his Lagoon Series. Later some of the Pop artists of the 60's (Wesselman, Warhol, Lichtenstein and etc.) The important artists, the ones really needing support, playing with cutouts; Boruchow, Jolynn Krystosek, or Polish Wycinanki. Enlightenment can be reinventing the wheel, realizing one's allignment with the other?! We are one. Anyhow, will cut these out to apply to driftwood and keep in mind a direction to go in future work. These things happen all the time with artists, and other professions. Notes of possibilites for application. They may, or not, merge at some time. There's the contrast with the color on Papel de Amate and the purity of Papel de Amate on its own for artistic merit. Negative space. Shifting space. There's just so much here! The shapes are cut and the leftover ready to recycle into more art....

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