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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ocean Driftwood Wave

Am preparing work on this new piece. This driftwood will mount on the wall. Its inherent wave and grid like character  is what initially interested me. It sat outside for a couple years and during that time due to weather changes the color changes were fascinating. In the couple months its been inside drying its taken a blue tint grey along with the ochre and other tints. Have test varnished* a strip of Papel de Amate with wax colors and found no bleeding of color and insignificant color changes. With the sheen of the finish the color takes on more luminosity. Will attach color waxed Papel de Amate form with wheat paste to the driftwood working in accord with the wood's wave and grid like character.

*The varnish is AFM Safecoat low odor Acrylacq Clear Finish water-based laquer replacement. AFM Material Safety Data Sheet download is available at

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