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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Whole Foods Diet Balances pH

   Many forms of dissease, from cancer and benign tumors to edemas  and common colds  thrive in an acidic body.  By normalizing the body's pH balance,  stengthening the immune system and nourishing the body with healing foods our body will clear the dissease without  the invasive interventions  of chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation if detected before major surgery is warranted. If chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are warranted than the suggestions here will compliment this process without interfering with the interventions’ effectiveness. Always consult with your practitioner for specific individual  protocols.

Dietary changes
Incorporate whole, organic, fresh foods/drinks; 
Set as a goal of eliminating  in your diet:
- Processed foods containing chemicals, sugar, caffeine, hydrogenated oils.
- Processed sugars
- Caffeine, alcohol,  tobacco, narcotic substances and carbonmated drinks.
- Avoid mucous forming foods, ie., dairy, wheat . Too much mucous in our  food remains “stuck” in our 
      digestive tracts and block normal digestive processes as well as providing a medium for  bacteria and 
     pathogens to inhabit.
- Unfermented soy product. Use fermented soy sparingly.
- Eat alkaline foods:
         raw  seasonally fresh steamed, baked, fermented w/o sugar, or  lightly  cooked in oil vegetables:
         Crucifers: brocolli, cauliflower, red and green cabbages/sauercraut
         Root vegetables; carrot, turnip, parsnip, gabo/burdock, beet
         Dark leafy greens; kale, the chards, watercress, parsley, nettles, bok choy, lettuce (excluding 
             iceberg), scallion/leeks/chives
        Peas,  lima beans, squash, celery, fennel, onion and garlic
        Sea Vegetables; kombu, dulse, wakame, hiziki, etc.
        Mushroom: Shitaiki, Maitake, Ganodermas, Chaga, etc.
        Beans; red, black, white, brown and green, etc.
        Whole grains; brown and basmati rice, millet, buckwheat, kasha/buckwheat groats, barley , etc.
        Nuts and seeds; almond, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, etc.
        Fish (non farmed, deep sea, non scavenging)
        Red meat; limit consumption to once a week. Use graze fed, organic and or w/o dyes, growth 
             hormones and anti-biotics. Make soups with beef bone.  
        Fowl; Chicken, turkey, duck, goose w/o dyes, growth hormones and anti-biotics/organic or free range.
        Fruit, seasonally fresh, organic.
-  Use only organic extra virgin olive oil, saflower and nut/seed oils, ie., sesame, sunflower, almond.
-  Drink at least 40 oz of quality spring water. Alkaline water can be established by adding freshly  
        squeezed lemon juice to a glass of water.
-  Avoid daily consumption of fruit and vegetables juices as they are concentrated and filled with 
        condensed sugars
- Avoid nightshade plant foods; potatoes, tomatoes (except in season fresh og.), and eggplant, 
  particularly in arthritic conditons

Lifestyle changes:
- Exercise daily, ie., walking, yoga, tai chi, dance, breathing, laughing, singing  as energy  and/or pain allow
-  Refrain from using shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, etc. that  have chemicals such as
        Propylene glycol or Sodium Laurel Sulfate in them. 
-  Wear only natural fabrics such as wool or cotton; no synthetic fabrics. 
-  Keep electrical appliances that upset the natural frequency  and resonance of the body;  microwaves,  
        cellular and portable phones, battery powered wrist watches, etc at a distance, avoiding electrical 
        pollution as  much as possible. 
-  Keep toxic household cleaners which put/vaporize gasses in your home environment well contained, 
        and away from living space. Avoid contact with all petroleum (drilled oil) products.
-  Sunshine in appropriate dosage is healing
-  Spiritual exercise is also healing
-  Laughter is a wonderful massaging healing activity

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