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Friday, February 12, 2010


finished the work this morning and hung it at ArtExposure. there were a fair amount of people at the opening tonite, a raffled painting to help with Haiti, the usual cheeses and drinks and conversation with different folk.
-  the gathering of member artists has now reached 25 - 30 artists; painters, sculptors, photographers, woodworkers, and other craftspersons.
- small amounts of snow in the south stops everything, there's no equipment to remove it, people don't know how to drive in it, and buildings aren't structured to withstand it.
- are reproductions art?
- what will happen to all the artwork packed away in artists studios?
- what is the spiritual in art; Kandinsky and Sister Wendy
- we need something radical around here!
- bridges in Japan are as high as the skyscrapers

it was snowing when i left and misting by the time i got back on the island. its snowing now and the cats were not too impressed with a snowball.

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