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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is the definition of sustainability...

...  a question of endurance. Which definition of sustainability will be here in 50 years, 100 years, 1,000 years? What determines sustainability? Is it legitimized by political action, academic polarity, by sitting under an apple tree and having an apple land on our head? I think the latter, ultimately. Oh, when will that apple fall, ...waiting, waiting, waiting. When the apple falls perhaps it will roll to the side, not far from that tree (of course) and it will eventually rot, all those juices nourishing the seeds within before winter freeze. The freeze will set the nourishment within the earth and all winter the melted freeze will nourish the soil and the seed. That seed will sprout and shoot up toward the sky, bare out and grow into a beautiful apple tree after some years, blossoming its sweet nectar blooms in the spring. The honey bee will drink from the blossoms and go back to its hive to sleep it off and leave a spot of wax there in the hive. In the morning the bee arises to go out again. Behind it, eventually, that spot will grow, and grow, and grow, until its a handful and we can gather it up in our hand, add a little ochre and spread it over a stone and years later someone will come along and say "look its sustainable, for now."

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