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Monday, July 24, 2017

quest home with Freehold NY since the 7/22nd until...

Sun 1˚ Leo cj Mars with 2˚ Leo, sq Uranus 28˚ Aries and trine rChiron 28˚ Pisces… Moon 19˚ Leo (12:00 PM EDT) sextile Venus 22˚ Gemini and Jupiter 16˚ Libra, trine rSaturn 21˚ Sag and incj rPluto 17˚ Cap… Mercury 28˚ Leo trine Uranus 28˚ Aries incj rChiron 28˚ Pisces and cj rNNode and opp rSNode… Venus 22˚ Gemini opp Saturn and sq Chiron… Mars 2˚ Leo sq Uranus 28˚ Aries and trine rChiron … Jupiter 16˚ Libra incj rNeptune and sq rPluto 17˚ Capricorn… rSaturn with 22˚ Sag sextile rSNode… Uranus with 28˚ Aries trine rNNode 24˚ Leo and sextile rSNode 24˚ Aquarius… rNeptune sextile rPluto…

~ operating with illusions and delusions within and without our mind space continuance ~

Love, Peace and CoCreativity
Water is Life

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