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Friday, June 2, 2017

singing with the Catskills, clouds, trees, river and stones stone
charcoal with stone, vegetation, Water & Earth...
Hudson River
Hudson NY

Sun 12˚ Gemini trine rJupiter 13˚ Libra, sq Neptune 14˚ Pisces and opposing Black Moon Lilith 12˚ Sagittarius...  Moon with Virgo sq Mars 28˚ Gemini, trine Mercury 22˚ Taurus, inconjunct Venus cj Uranus 26˚ & 27˚ Aries, opp Chiron 28˚ Pisces and sq rSaturn 25˚ Sagittarius… Mercury 22˚ Taurus trine rPluto 18˚ Capricorn and inconjunct rSaturn and Galactic Center… Mars 28˚ Gemini opp 25˚ rSaturn 25˚ and Galactic Center Sagittarius, sextile Venus 26˚ and Uranus 27˚ Aries and sq Chiron 28˚ Pisces… Venus conjunct Uranus and trine rSaturn… rJupiter inconjunct Neptune… rSaturn trine Uranus…
~ as the dark side of patriarchy divulges itself with Black Moon Lilith with Sagittarius along with Venus, Saturn and Uranus with Fire, rPluto with Capricorn and our emotional body Moon with Virgo, and many aspects with Chiron and Neptune with Pisces cleansing and dreaming... the chaos hisses and spits truths for us to consider and express who and what our true selves are with universal wisdom... walk and sing deeply with the well and expose and release the stories and myths that repress our truths ~ 

Love, Peace & CoCreativity
The Horn has been filled with Water and Love 
and now the seeds of this Water and Love are being given to the world  
~ water is life ~

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