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Sunday, March 19, 2017

through the window
shifting frequencies
charcoal with sticky tape, glass, trees, sky & Earth
Valatie NY
3/16/17/- 3/18/17

with Venus retrograde from Aries to Pisces during March through mid April reflecting, reviewing, rewinding, reassessing, reappraising, rethinking, recontextualizing, and re-evaluating your/our/my values and aesthetics...

Mars now within Taurus with its' Venusian flavor is aligning with us as we walk firmly and gracefully with Earth as this astral fractal enfolds...

we are processing the Jupiter/Libra 20˚ Uranus/Aries 22˚ and Pluto with Capricorn 19˚T Square that reflects back to the 60's where deep unconscious self awareness emerges with outbursts of fairness...

~practice kindness, it is the revolution~
begin within as it will shine outward to your/our Brothers and Sisters...

The Horn has been filled with water and love 
and now the seeds of this water and love are being given to the world 
~ water is life ~
~ Love, Peace and CoCreativity ~

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