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Monday, September 12, 2016

Ω I Stand With Standing Rock Ω

the walls of the wealthy elite are crumbling
there are no "winners" until globally we all "win"
"Clermont" Livingston Manor
charcoal with stone wall with Earth/Cosmos

"In October 1777, British ships sailed upriver from New York City in support of General John Burgoyne who was north of Albany. That same force had already stormed two forts in the Hudson Highlands and burned Kingston, New York. Major General John Vaughan led a raiding party to Clermont and burned Livingston's home because of the family's role in the rebellion. Margaret Beekman Livingston rebuilt the family home between 1779 and 1782. Robert R. Livingston became the estate's most prominent resident. Chancellor Livingston administered the oath of office to President George Washington, became Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and negotiated the Louisiana Purchase." - Wikipedia...

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