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Monday, March 8, 2010

Climate change affecting duck migration

In the above link "Dr. Jim Bednarz, professor of Wildlife Ecology at Arkansas State University conducted research and found significant increases in waterfowl populations in the northern part of the flyway and significant decreases of waterfowl in the southern part of the flyway.”

I was prompted to check this out today by a friend who lives in the northeast and pays alot of attention to wildlife. They had said that they had noticed alot of ducks still in the area this winter (unscientific study). Whether either study signifies global warming is obviously questionable. Here in the Wilmington, NC area we had the 10th coldest winter on record. Maybe we are in the midst of global confusion, with us and with ducks. Duck and geese flight patterns and migrations are truly phenomenol. In terms of wave consider; the motion of their wings, the motion of entire migrating flock (often numbering in the hundreds) as a whole appears as a long wave in the sky, south in the winter and north in the summer is a seasonal time wave, and in the photo the wave in their formation. 

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